Matias, Rebekah, & Lily Mancilla in Argentina

Matias and Rebekah Mancilla, along with their daughter Lily, are missionaries in the southern part of the Santa Fe province of Argentina. Their main focus is to develop and carry out ministry to children through neighborhood Bible clubs, summer VBS, and camp programs in conjunction with local churches. Matias grew up in Argentina and was directly impacted by a child believing the Gospel—his own brother. This began the process of his family coming to know Jesus. For this reason, Matias and Rebekah have a passion to reach children, knowing that boys and girls who know Jesus are strong witnesses and prayer warriors for their families.



Fred, Lydia, Isaac, Josiah, Caleb, Gabriel, and Levi Holcomb in Alaska.

Fred, Lydia and their five boys are a missionary family working with Mission Aviation Repair Center in Alaska. Fred Holcomb felt God’s undeniable call to missionary aviation in 2012. He left his previous occupations of excavating and construction, to follow this new trail in obedience.  He, along with his wife, Lydia, and their five boys, moved from Fayetteville, PA to Bolivar, MO in 2013 to begin training with a mission aviation program. Through this training Fred became a licensed pilot and aviation mechanic. In February of 2020, Fred and his family received the call to work with Mission Aviation Repair Center (MARC) in Alaska and in May 2020 they moved to just south of Anchorage, AK. Fred’s work with MARC includes both flying missionaries and supplies in and out of villages.