Welcome to the Rooted Youth Home page! Rooted Youth @ UPVPC’s vision is “to help students build a foundation on which to follow Jesus and serve Him, through biblical teaching, faith modeling, and relationship building.” While we are unable to meet physically with students, we are still seeking ways to pursue this vision. Students in grades 6-12 are invited to connect with us in the following ways:

  • Rooted Youth: Students are encouraged to join us for youth group on Wednesdays from 7 – 8 PM on campus!. Our time together on Wednesday includes a short devotional followed by times of connecting through games and storytelling. Please drop-off and pick-up students by the prayer garden. Rooted will be hosted either in the Assembly Room or outside (weather permitting).


  • UPVPC Rooted Youtube Channel: Students and parents can stay up to date on what is happening on our YouTube Channel ~ UPVPC Rooted. Each week video devotionals and check-ins will be posted to the channel by Tuesday evening. Unable to attend Rooted Youth Online? No problem! Weekly Rooted Recaps will be posted to our channel the following Thursday. Subscribe to stay up to date on important information!


  • Follow us on Instagram: Students with an Instagram account are encouraged to follow our account for words of encouragement during these trying times. Our user handle is ~ rooted_upvpc.


  • Minecraft Realm: Students who play MineCraft (Bedrock Edition) can access our UPVPC Realm. The link for our realm is ~ realms.gg/YbUakppzfEo. Happy crafting!